Steve Castledine

Steve Castledine

Consultant, Architect, Engineer (Software, Data, Cloud)

Personal Statement

A senior IT Consultant and Software, Data, Cloud Engineer, with excellent customer skills and a strong desire to deliver and exceed customer expectation.

I provide professional skills and consultancy for all IT projects from Software Engineering in multiple languages, Data Engineering, Cloud Engineering, technical lead, analysis, design, architecture, integration, project planning, and delivery management in a variety of methodologies including Agile, with experience across multiple industries including Financial Services, Retail, Warehousing/Supply Chain and Government.

I'm experienced, use common sense, like to plan, like to communicate, keep things simple and just 'get it done, and get it done right'. I also learn and adapt quickly and have great experience in adopting new technologies and techniques to suit the customers environment and way of working.

Key Skills

Solution Consulting, System/Data Integration and Discovery, Big Data Engineering, Technical Lead, Software Development (Python, JavaScript, React, Java), Linux


Linux, Windows, Python, JavaScript, Java, Shell, Groovy, SQL, Eclipse, Git, Cloud, JSON, REST, Databases (experience of MySQL, SQLite, NoSQL, DB2, Oracle, PostGreSQL, SQL Server), IBM XPages (JSF), LotusScript, HTML, CSS, Dojo, Accessibility, Agile, IBM Notes, IBM Domino, IBM WebSphere, IBM MDM, IBM BPM, IBM StoredIQ, IBM StoredIQ For Legal, Knowledge using Jenkins, Chef, CI/CD pipelines, Docker, AWS, Azure, Salesforce, Databricks, Cloudera


Consulting / Managing / Architect / Advocate

I have spent the past 3.5 years in a ‘Services Consultant’ role at IBM and then Informatica. I'm used to leading delivery and leading technical direction where required whilst getting on with the technical work.

I have experience of managing support and engineering staff both onsite and offshore. Recently this was as a Python and Integration engineering project, prior to that supporting and advocating for a large big data project on the IBM Cloud (hadoop) and leading Java engineers for an MDM project which included travel to India.

As part of an IBM labs role I was also an Advocate for IBM software products and engineering on them. I frequently visited customers to talk about this and spoke at a lot of conferences in many different countries, had articles published, book mentions. I also helped run open source projects on behalf of IBM.

Software Engineering

My true love, this isn't work. I've been writing code since I was 10 in some shape or form. I've been a professional software engineer, self taught, for 27 years in lots of languages and on lots of platforms. I can (and love to) learn new ones.

These day's I am more of a consultant where I do lots of different things and specialise for a few months at a time then switch to something completely different. I guess that's my skill being able to do that.

I do however have the experience to know how to switch, how to get red hot again at that discipline and therefore how to research and do it right. I especially get very good at different discipline's again very quickly by just doing real work.


I'm used to working with Git and previously Clearcase. I also have experience of working with Jenkins for CI/CD and AWS CodeStar.


The most recent of my experience. I spent most of 2019 designing and coding a Python 3 framework on RHEL Linux platform to perform data integration and automation functions across systems at a large Bank. I designed the Git processes and with others setup the pipeline through production using Jenkins. I like Python its pretty easy, it gets the job done quickly, there are many useful libraries to help you make short work of requirements and you can pull in software engineers from other languages and with leadership will pick it up quickly.


I was a software engineer (Advisory, the step between engineer and senior/lead) within IBM labs for 11 years. For most of those years I wrote Java, as well as other langauges.

I have written Java for IBM software products, Servlets, Cloud based administration consoles, WebSphere based extensions for an MDM product, designed and built a gatekeeper for code updates into the cloud (allowing updates for bug fixes or releases to be turned on/off at will). I've not written Java full time for a couple of years now, aside from pet projects, so I am rusty, but eager to get back on the wagon.


Before there were frameworks (ie Angular, Dojo, JQuery etc) I was building frameworks. I've used Node.js, React, Dojo, and JQuery (a little). I've built cool desktop client's for customers using Electron to perform actions against applications that provide REST API's.

Serverless - Lambda

I have written serverless Lambda functions on AWS including CD/CI deployment. I am extending this serverless knowledge to include running on Kubernetes platforms. Cloud agnostic Serverless based development I believe is a key future strategy.


Most of my software engineering has been around web servers. Whether that be Apache http or tomcat, IBM Lotus HCL (Take your pick) Notes and Domino. Web applications are my thing and I undestand how to put together/engineer solutions for frontend and backend, deal with authentication, security, accessibility, bidi, integration with database's (most). I'm no visual designer but i'm still an ace at html and css. I can steal your standard and apply it to an application.

Notes and Domino (Lotus IBM HCL)

The bulk of my early career was based on this product. Writing client or web applications. Engineer on the product itself (IBM Labs Littleton and Westford). Doing Advocacy, speaking at conferences, articles etc. I was one the first engineering on XPages (JSF), I wrote code that is used by probably hundred of thousands of people in their email clients, calendar, bookmarks, websites, social websites. I wrote blog software that was acquisitioned by IBM and included in their products. Lotusscript, Java, Web expert. Won a global IBM award years before working for them for an eCommerce site (one of the first insurance quotation sites to hit the internet - that's how old I feel).


Salesforce is an area of interest to me as it reuses a lot of knowledge from my "collaborative" computing experience with Notes and Domino. Certainly the low code side is a lift, improve, put in a browser from the heady days of citizen development with Notes and Domino.

It brings together the best of all worlds of business process improvement and standardisation, low code but equally pro code when needed, in the cloud and most importantly everything your business will need in one place.

You can view my Salesforce qualification progress here on Trailhead.

Data Engineering

I am used to designing, using, performing ETL across many different data structures and backends. I have installed and used platforms to handle data which includes products from Informatica, IBM and open source platforms such as Hadoop (including Cloudera, Databricks, Big Data Management).

As part of software engineering projects, integration requirements, consultancy etc I have done a lot of work with Databases and SQL. I'm no master DBA but have worked on creating data models, schemas, databases, tables, views, reports on DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite, HBase and nosql. I can write SQL as required and understand how to use within code or applying direct for maintenance purposes. Deeper, more complex SQL queries you will catch me on Google learning and finding out the best query to use for that requirement.


I spent many years working for IBM SmartCloud. This involved writing software for and supporting cloud-based software.

I also spent time managing the support of and advocating for a huge start-up that operated in the IBM cloud using Hadoop and DB2.

More recently I have been working with and learning AWS and Azure and understand/use EC2, S3, Amplify, Beanstalk, cloud native application development and deploying environments and software in those clouds (including Hadoop based environments and serverless applications).

I am currently studying for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.


Part of my Consultancy role at IBM was around a product StoredIQ (eDiscovery). I installed and configured this product (linux containerised appliance) at various organisations and then designed data capture and analysis (regex mainly) using the product in order to assess the data landscape for GDPR purposes, data retention, mergers and aquisitions data discovery.

In addition to StoredIQ I also worked extensively with a product StoredIQ For Legal (they do connect but otherwise are completely different). I can install, configure, develop on and integrate this product in the enterprise. I can therefore write BPMN as a workflow developer and know the consult and data model required to use this product as a Legal Hold management system.

Data Governance

As well as GDPR projects using StoredIQ, I have also worked on Master Data Management (MDM) projects as part of a data governance strategy. I can install and configure IBM Websphere and Information Server together with MDM components. I can also consult on the data strategy and write extensions to the main product in Java. As an extension to this I can also work with IBM MQ and IBM BPM and setup the DB2 or Oracle databases.

I have also worked on metadata catalog projects, curating a master catalog of metadata and data resources across the enterprise to provide insight into where data is, what type, what is the quality and what does the lineage look like.

Other stuff

As part of enterprise projects I have worked on I am experienced in Linux, SSO, email, Databases - Oracle, DB2, SQlite, MySQL, SQL Server, NoSQL, PostGreSQL (i'm no DBA but I know what I need to get by), networking both at a TCP level and the actual cabling, server hardware building, Microsoft Exchange

Last Project

All of 2019 and some of 2020 I spent on a single project at a bank mostly in London but some time in Zurich. This project was for introducing a new legal hold management system into a bank, performing data analysis, migrating content from an old system and integrating HR, Security, other legal hold management systems. The product being installed being IBM StoredIQ for Legal. My role on this project was as Technical Lead and Integration Architect and eventually Software Engineer for the ETL layer of the solution.

The project was interesting as it was pretty greenfield in that we started from nothing and had to find out for ourselves the processes, systems in place, and how the bank 'did things'. It took awhile to figure this out and get the design documents published and approved.

As well as installing and configuring the main product (simple really - Linux based containerised appliance), and integrating it with the usual email gateways, SSO (Siteminder), and then building the workflows using BPMN (that is a time consuming task), we also had to design and build from scratch an integration server based on RHEL7.5 with Python 3.

This Python framework then handled all data movement (and full ETL processing), mainly using csv data transfer or MS SQL database views and transforming (using an embedded SQLite database for caching/indexing) and then moving the data to REST services on the target system (some of this was some 500,000 HR records, delta'ed by this code each night). It also handled the automated server configuration, account security, migration, logging, backup and monitoring required by the bank. Tranformation's were controlled by object oriented Pyhton code and mapping files to keep it seperate from business and load logic.

The framework code itself was kept in Git and then we used Jenkins to package the code and distribute to target servers when builds were ready.

All in all this was a high pressure project and the first stage was delivered in 9 months from scratch with the all the above working with the minimal of staffing.

Career History

Senior Big Data and Emerging Technologies Engineer and Consultant

Informatica Professional Services
Informatica January 2020 onwards

Senior Big Data and Emerging Technologies Engineer and Consultant working on Informatica Big Data products and integrating with cloud (AWS, Azure) and Hadoop distributions (HDP, Cloudera, Databricks).

Solution Architect / Consultant

Data and AI Expert Lab Services
IBM March 2017 - January 2020

Consultant and Technical Lead for IBM UK Services undertaking various IT projects including:

Technical Lead and Integration Architect on a StoredIQ For Legal project providing legal hold matter management and integration for Large Bank in London and Zurich. Integration with HR, security and global legal hold systems. Designed/implemented a full integration and deployment automation suite running on Red Hat Linux server with Python 3, shell, Git, Postgres, sqlite, Jenkins, Autosys, monitoring, backup automation

Remote development/support team lead

Customer support advocate/manager of Credit Card anonymisation processing start-up in Dublin. Providing advocacy for startup within IBM and developing/managing offshore support network for large cloud-based Hadoop deployment

Technical consultant designing/deploying StoredIQ GDPR unstructured data search solutions and integrations for various banks and sporting organisations

MDM (Master Domain Management) technical consultant deploying and integrating IBM MDM solutions at Scottish Bank including working with WebSphere, IBM MQ and IBM BPM, integration and extentions using Java custom solutions

Advisory Software Engineer

Software Labs
IBM April 2006 - March 2017

Software Engineer for IBM Labs working on many products but mainly IBM SmartCloud, IBM Notes (mail/calendar), IBM Domino (blog, XPages, Gatekeeper)

Senior Java and web software engineer (javascript, CSS, HTML) for IBM SmartCloud

Lead for accessibility/bidi/security of IBM SmartCloud Notes cloud software

Lead of open source project, Conference speaker in US and UK

Many global Customer engagements and advocacy roles

Built and delivered social solutions including blogs/wiki's applications (used by thousands of customers)

Developer advocate for IBM application development platform Domino/XPages (java/JSF)

Developer for the email/collaboration product IBM (Lotus) Notes with associated functionality such as calendar, notebook, bookmarks

Software Engineer Architect Consultant

Self Employed April 1998 - April 2006

Designed and built a browser based factory control system accessed via the Internet and Intranet which allows personnel on factory shifts to enter information which covers things like Engineering Maintenance, Planning, Health and Safety Incidents, Day to Day planning/incident management and stock/ production control information for all of the British Sugar factories across the UK

Designed and built Competition Compliance Contact Reporting System to allow employees across the Associated British Foods companies to submit reports across the Internet for any contact with a Competitor, in order to satisfy UK compliance regulations.

Designed and built a Legal Document Framework Extranet for the ABF group of companies.

Designed and built an online E-Learning System in order to ensure employees had read and understood basic Compliance laws and procedures from the Associated British Foods Legal Extranet.

IBM Domino 6 and I-Series Migration Consultancy

IBM Domino content management system development

Design/Build Intranet E-Learning System

Architect, developer for an online food supply chain system using IBM Domino / Java / Javascript for Walmart/ASDA/Tesco/Safeway.

Browser Portal consultant/specialist/lead developer. Create Portal based system to bring all these systems together using a Java/XML/Javascript/IBM Domino solution.

Architect/developer - Application Access Security System. A high profile project for Transco in order to gain BS7799 Accreditation and to satisfy requirements in order to split the company from British Gas. An IBM Notes Client and browser based project for an integrated Security System to control the access to all of Transco’s Software and Hardware Systems.

Microsoft NT/Exchange rollout. IBM Notes development/support for the Births Death Marriages system. Server, rack and network installation.

Microsoft NT Server, Exchange architect for global rollout.

Solutions Consultant developing applications using mainly IBM Lotus Notes/Domino, Visual Basic.